Friday, September 2, 2011

Father and Son

Love it when Steven reads a story to Aiden. It's so sweet to look at.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

7 Months

Aiden is seven months old now and it's really amazing how much he has grown. He can crawl  but not full crawl. He just sticks out his butt then move his arms and then he goes down. It's funny to look at but he can move. I love him so much!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sleeping In His Crib

For three nights now we've been putting Aiden in his crib so he can sleep there at night. Since birth, he has been sleeping with us in our bed but lately he's been fussy. We think because his gums are hurting him. It wakes us all up so I told Steven that we should just put him in his crib. Steven followed through but I, on the first night, took him to sleep with us after Steven fell asleep. I missed him and he was crying so hard he wouldn't sleep. The second night, I fed him sweet potato before bed. He cried for an hour but didn't wake up until four in the morning. That was amazing for us because he has never done that! Last night, he slept through until two in the morning. Went to breastfeed him then went out. He fell asleep so fast. The only thing though is I can't sleep. Steven also is having a hard time sleeping because it's so weird without our baby. Hopefully, we will get used to it. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Vote For Aiden

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Still Sick

Aiden is getting worse each day. I thought he was getting better but then he's not again. He is sleeping in my arms now and he hates it when I try to clear his nose. I'm sure it hurts for him. tonight I'll make sure he will eat rice cereal so he won't have to breastfeed so much. Clogged nose make it hard for him when I'm breast feeding him. I can only pray that God will heal him until I get his medical insurance. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Aiden is Sicky

My son has been sick for several days now. He still can't breathe very well because of the mucus on his nose. We traveled to Thailand because we were hoping to live there for a month and then move to Taiwan but we changed plans and came back to US after a week. The travel took us 2 days each way and it really made him so tired. He sleeps most of the time but there were times when he was awake at the airplane and would not want to go to sleep. He likes to talk to people or have people carry him.

At the train going to Chiang Mai

In Thailand, people just adored him even the men. It was funny to watch because he never got the same attention here in America. Whenever we eat out in Thailand, waitresses would carry him for us and take his photo. Staff at the hotels where we stayed also would help us carry him. Aiden won't cry, he loves it too. So we had to keep up with him, he'll get bored easily. Too bad we came back but I want to move again in the next years to come. We'll see where God will lead us.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


It's been really annoying that the nurse hasn't called me to tell me about my baby's medicine on the airplane. He can't have vaccines anymore because he just had some 3 weeks ago. I need some medicine for him on the airplane. I don't want him to get hurt especially with the pressure. I am so worried.

We were in church last night and I left the bible study for a bit because he cried and wanted to feed. Actually, he didn't want to feed, he wanted to talk. So I talked with him and he kept laughing whenever I say hi to him. It was so funny that it made me laugh too. I wish his dad would've seen that. Steven would've loved it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Aiden looked so cute in this. I was breastfeeding him and it's hard to avoid taking photo of my skin. He is super cute. I wish I could show you his back, he looked so cute and funny.

Awesome friends

Posted some photos in facebook of some stuff we need to sell. I hope all of the things will be sold. We need all the money we can get from our things. I feel so sad selling our stuff but you just can't hold on to it. When God ask you to move, you have to move and trust he will provide everything again. I cried in front of my friends yesterday. They are the ladies who quilt and I gave them back the quilt I won last Christmas. They made it and they all bought tickets so I will win. I didn't know they did that. They're so wonderful and I am so grateful for their friendship. They taught me how to use my sewing machine and someday I will sew again. They kept saying they'll give me the quilt back when I come back but I'd rather want it put in use by them than just keeping it in my closet afraid to use it. I should've taken a photo of the quilt. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dare To Move

Many of our friends here in America are sad that we are leaving so soon. Steven and I just decided last night to go live abroad because it is for our own good. We feel God is prompting us to move to a different country and start a new beginning. It's a huge, huge step of faith that it is overwhelming to think about it but we feel peaceful that God will help us every step of the way. This is like being a missionary again where you just trust God to provide and help you. It is good to feel so close to God and just to trust him. I worry about our future especially because of our son. We've thought this through and really prayed. There are so many things to do in such a short time. We'll see what happens....

Monday, February 21, 2011

Aiden's Not Feeling Well

Today was Aiden's check-up and he also had 3 vaccines. He cried a lot when he got them but he was okay after I put him to my baby pack. However, right now he is really fussy. He is crying a lot but I can calm him and he sleeps except I can't put him down. I love holding him, I just need to cook dinner. My shoulders are sore too. It's not easy being a mom.
I also found out Aiden really has thrush and it's upsetting because we went to an evening appointment just to specifically ask the doctor whether he has thrush or not and she said no. Today, this doctor who checked Aiden said yes, he does. Why can't they do a good job on checking the baby? Why not really look into his mouth and see? Also the nurse wouldn't give me a disposable diaper. Ok, I'm venting hehe. It's just some people don't need to work in a place for babies if they don't really care.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Nap Time

This is Aiden's favorite place to take a nap. It's funny because he would fall asleep really fast. He's used to us putting him there when we go out on a drive. 

3rd Time

We had to go back for an ultrasound check-up on Aiden because of some abnormalities the doctor found  on Aiden's ultrasound result. They had to monitor it. Seeing him though is such an exciting time for us. It was tiring and expensive but it was worth it. 

He always has this grumpy look even until now. It's just so cute to look at it in real. 

Free Baby Sling

I saw one lady at Walmart using the Seven Everyday Sling and I told my husband I would like one like that. Right now, you can get the Seven Everyday Sling for free just use the coupon code CUPID when you checkout. You just have to pay for shipping! Awesome deal! 

Monday, January 31, 2011

One World One Heart Blog Giveaway

I love joining One World One Heart blog giveaway event. I made some good friends here and I won one or two items from the past. Thanks to A Whimsical Bohemian for hosting this event and hope it will still continue. 
I am a new mom and want to keep meeting moms out there whom I can share ideas or advice on how to take care of my baby. It's wonderful being a mom but it can get frustrating at times when you don't know what you're doing. 

Now for my giveaway, I am giving a set of thank you cards, notecards, sticky note, and a butterfly sticker. 

All you need to do is just leave a comment and make sure I have a way of contacting you. This giveaway will end on the 17th of February. Bloggers only and this is open to international participants. Thank you for joining!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Second Glimpse

The second time we had the ultrasound. We're suppose to only have one but he had some signs of down syndrome. It was super scary for us. The signs finally disappeared as I got nearer to giving birth. 

Baby Sling

We went back to the baby store to exchange the sling we bought. It was too big for me so we got the small size which really fitted Aiden. He looked so adorable inside the sling. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First Glimpse of Aiden

Aiden's first ultrasound. I was five months pregnant with him.

A New Blog

Okay, I know I shouldn't be starting a new blog because I am guilty of being lazy in updating my five blogs regularly. Oh, I forgot, I just lost one blog which is really disappointing because it helps us with our income but I was lazy to read the domain's terms and conditions. Who reads them? 

I didn't know that being a mom is tough. It makes me think of all the mothers out there especially my mom who had four children every year. It makes me wonder how she did it without the luxuries I have now. She doesn't have a washing machine and a dryer, she worked during the day as a teacher, I remember at some point we also didn't have electric stove so we used firewood to cook, and she also does the groceries. My dad wasn't helping her much. SO I can't complain on my situation because I am blessed with everything I need to make my life easier and a husband who helps a lot.

Anyway, this new year I plan to really update my blogs regularly. It's hard to promise since I just became a mother to a very cute baby boy named Aiden. Of course, I am also a wife to a wonderful husband named Steven who supported me all the way from pregnancy to the birthing and to taking care of our son. Truly, I am blessed by God to have such a beautiful family. 

This is my first post for now. I have to go finish my laundry first and then I'll come back and post some more.