Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Awesome friends

Posted some photos in facebook of some stuff we need to sell. I hope all of the things will be sold. We need all the money we can get from our things. I feel so sad selling our stuff but you just can't hold on to it. When God ask you to move, you have to move and trust he will provide everything again. I cried in front of my friends yesterday. They are the ladies who quilt and I gave them back the quilt I won last Christmas. They made it and they all bought tickets so I will win. I didn't know they did that. They're so wonderful and I am so grateful for their friendship. They taught me how to use my sewing machine and someday I will sew again. They kept saying they'll give me the quilt back when I come back but I'd rather want it put in use by them than just keeping it in my closet afraid to use it. I should've taken a photo of the quilt. 

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