Thursday, March 10, 2011


It's been really annoying that the nurse hasn't called me to tell me about my baby's medicine on the airplane. He can't have vaccines anymore because he just had some 3 weeks ago. I need some medicine for him on the airplane. I don't want him to get hurt especially with the pressure. I am so worried.

We were in church last night and I left the bible study for a bit because he cried and wanted to feed. Actually, he didn't want to feed, he wanted to talk. So I talked with him and he kept laughing whenever I say hi to him. It was so funny that it made me laugh too. I wish his dad would've seen that. Steven would've loved it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Aiden looked so cute in this. I was breastfeeding him and it's hard to avoid taking photo of my skin. He is super cute. I wish I could show you his back, he looked so cute and funny.

Awesome friends

Posted some photos in facebook of some stuff we need to sell. I hope all of the things will be sold. We need all the money we can get from our things. I feel so sad selling our stuff but you just can't hold on to it. When God ask you to move, you have to move and trust he will provide everything again. I cried in front of my friends yesterday. They are the ladies who quilt and I gave them back the quilt I won last Christmas. They made it and they all bought tickets so I will win. I didn't know they did that. They're so wonderful and I am so grateful for their friendship. They taught me how to use my sewing machine and someday I will sew again. They kept saying they'll give me the quilt back when I come back but I'd rather want it put in use by them than just keeping it in my closet afraid to use it. I should've taken a photo of the quilt. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dare To Move

Many of our friends here in America are sad that we are leaving so soon. Steven and I just decided last night to go live abroad because it is for our own good. We feel God is prompting us to move to a different country and start a new beginning. It's a huge, huge step of faith that it is overwhelming to think about it but we feel peaceful that God will help us every step of the way. This is like being a missionary again where you just trust God to provide and help you. It is good to feel so close to God and just to trust him. I worry about our future especially because of our son. We've thought this through and really prayed. There are so many things to do in such a short time. We'll see what happens....