Monday, February 21, 2011

Aiden's Not Feeling Well

Today was Aiden's check-up and he also had 3 vaccines. He cried a lot when he got them but he was okay after I put him to my baby pack. However, right now he is really fussy. He is crying a lot but I can calm him and he sleeps except I can't put him down. I love holding him, I just need to cook dinner. My shoulders are sore too. It's not easy being a mom.
I also found out Aiden really has thrush and it's upsetting because we went to an evening appointment just to specifically ask the doctor whether he has thrush or not and she said no. Today, this doctor who checked Aiden said yes, he does. Why can't they do a good job on checking the baby? Why not really look into his mouth and see? Also the nurse wouldn't give me a disposable diaper. Ok, I'm venting hehe. It's just some people don't need to work in a place for babies if they don't really care.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Nap Time

This is Aiden's favorite place to take a nap. It's funny because he would fall asleep really fast. He's used to us putting him there when we go out on a drive. 

3rd Time

We had to go back for an ultrasound check-up on Aiden because of some abnormalities the doctor found  on Aiden's ultrasound result. They had to monitor it. Seeing him though is such an exciting time for us. It was tiring and expensive but it was worth it. 

He always has this grumpy look even until now. It's just so cute to look at it in real. 

Free Baby Sling

I saw one lady at Walmart using the Seven Everyday Sling and I told my husband I would like one like that. Right now, you can get the Seven Everyday Sling for free just use the coupon code CUPID when you checkout. You just have to pay for shipping! Awesome deal!