Friday, June 24, 2011

Sleeping In His Crib

For three nights now we've been putting Aiden in his crib so he can sleep there at night. Since birth, he has been sleeping with us in our bed but lately he's been fussy. We think because his gums are hurting him. It wakes us all up so I told Steven that we should just put him in his crib. Steven followed through but I, on the first night, took him to sleep with us after Steven fell asleep. I missed him and he was crying so hard he wouldn't sleep. The second night, I fed him sweet potato before bed. He cried for an hour but didn't wake up until four in the morning. That was amazing for us because he has never done that! Last night, he slept through until two in the morning. Went to breastfeed him then went out. He fell asleep so fast. The only thing though is I can't sleep. Steven also is having a hard time sleeping because it's so weird without our baby. Hopefully, we will get used to it. 

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