Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A New Blog

Okay, I know I shouldn't be starting a new blog because I am guilty of being lazy in updating my five blogs regularly. Oh, I forgot, I just lost one blog which is really disappointing because it helps us with our income but I was lazy to read the domain's terms and conditions. Who reads them? 

I didn't know that being a mom is tough. It makes me think of all the mothers out there especially my mom who had four children every year. It makes me wonder how she did it without the luxuries I have now. She doesn't have a washing machine and a dryer, she worked during the day as a teacher, I remember at some point we also didn't have electric stove so we used firewood to cook, and she also does the groceries. My dad wasn't helping her much. SO I can't complain on my situation because I am blessed with everything I need to make my life easier and a husband who helps a lot.

Anyway, this new year I plan to really update my blogs regularly. It's hard to promise since I just became a mother to a very cute baby boy named Aiden. Of course, I am also a wife to a wonderful husband named Steven who supported me all the way from pregnancy to the birthing and to taking care of our son. Truly, I am blessed by God to have such a beautiful family. 

This is my first post for now. I have to go finish my laundry first and then I'll come back and post some more. 

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