Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Aiden - 3 Months

Aiden just woke up and was in a good mood

After his shower

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Still Sick

Aiden is getting worse each day. I thought he was getting better but then he's not again. He is sleeping in my arms now and he hates it when I try to clear his nose. I'm sure it hurts for him. tonight I'll make sure he will eat rice cereal so he won't have to breastfeed so much. Clogged nose make it hard for him when I'm breast feeding him. I can only pray that God will heal him until I get his medical insurance. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Aiden is Sicky

My son has been sick for several days now. He still can't breathe very well because of the mucus on his nose. We traveled to Thailand because we were hoping to live there for a month and then move to Taiwan but we changed plans and came back to US after a week. The travel took us 2 days each way and it really made him so tired. He sleeps most of the time but there were times when he was awake at the airplane and would not want to go to sleep. He likes to talk to people or have people carry him.

At the train going to Chiang Mai

In Thailand, people just adored him even the men. It was funny to watch because he never got the same attention here in America. Whenever we eat out in Thailand, waitresses would carry him for us and take his photo. Staff at the hotels where we stayed also would help us carry him. Aiden won't cry, he loves it too. So we had to keep up with him, he'll get bored easily. Too bad we came back but I want to move again in the next years to come. We'll see where God will lead us.